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Klaipeda news in English

Former director general of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority violated law – ethics watchdogs nuotrauka, foto

2019-06-19, 17:02

The Chief Official Ethics Commission (VTEK) has concluded that Arvydas Vaitkus, former...

Distinguished Guests and Media day at int'l operation Open Spirit, exercise Port Protection nuotrauka, foto

2019-05-14, 13:14

On 14 May, Distinguished Guests and Media Day of international military ...

Klaipeda LNG terminal assures almost half of national gas demand nuotrauka, foto

2019-05-14, 12:12

The favourable situation in the international gas markets has been determining...

Rent your Christmas tree in Klaipeda nuotrauka, foto

2017-12-13, 10:52

When a Christmas rush begins people start buying and decorating Christmas trees,...

Who will benefit of deep-sea Klaipeda port: myths busted nuotrauka, foto

2017-11-30, 14:42

The more deep-sea port of Klaipeda plan is getting shaped, the louder...

Klaipeda Christmas tree prepared for the Holidays nuotrauka, foto

2017-11-29, 14:01

Last Friday the 11 meter-high Christmas tree grown in the yard of...

Western Shipyard acquires Norwegian company nuotrauka, foto

2017-11-28, 15:40

Western Shipyard (AB Vakaru Laivu Gamykla) has signed a deal on the...

The officers who saved a life:

2017-11-27, 14:22

The two officers who saved a man’s life Fajeta Rusinskyte (Rušinskytė) and...

2017 Sea Festival programme nuotrauka, foto

2017-07-20, 12:34


Vessels of Standing NATO Maritime Group One dock in Klaipeda nuotrauka, foto

2017-05-27, 09:22

Vessels of the Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1), frigates Roald ...

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